Fees (per person per hour*)  
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    Without Discount Card With Discount Card
  Weekday: £4.00 £2.00
  Sundays: £5.00 £2.00
  Private Lessons: £10 (1 to 1) £6 (1 to 1)
  Private Lessons: £6 (2 couples) £4 (2 couples)
  Private Lessons: £4 (3 couples) £3 (3 couples)
  Minimum charges apply for private lessons: £20.00 per hour (without discount card) £12.00 per hour (with discount card).
  Discount Card: £10.00 per person, per month payable on the first Sunday of each month.
  Note: If you subscribe to the discount card and do not take sufficient lessons in the month to justify it we will re-imburse the difference.
    We will also re-imburse the difference if it was advantageous for you to subscribe to the discount card but didn't.

*Fees for less than one hour are pro-rata.